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Browning Maxus Led Headlamps

Serious about lighting up the path your on? The Browning Maxus Led Headlamp is just what is needed for bright, hands free mobility. Light weight and easy beam adjustment makes this led headlamp a pleasure to own.
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We are as serious about providing high quality Browning Maxus Led Headlamps as you are in using them. Our goal of supplying a very good product at reasonable prices is second to none. Whether purchasing our Browning Maxus Led Headlamp for recreational purposes or for the serious hunter, you will have a product that is very dependable.
The 3 levels of beam adjustment are very easy and convienent. Powerful Cree leds on the Browning Maxus Led Headlamp will not only light up the darkest trail but provides safety and security as well. Rated for 100,000 hours of use these leds never need replacing. No matter the activity from walking to camping to hunting the Browning Maxus Led Headlamp with it's 80 meter plus range is all the light you need.
Made from ultralight ultratough polymer construction these headlamps are extremely tough. With black front and charcoal accents they are stylish whereever the trail may take you. The headband of these led headlamps are not only light and comfortable, but very durable as well and come with an adjustable elastic headband. With an adjustable lever on the front you can go from spotlight to zoom quickly.
We appreciate and value your interest in our quality product and are glad you visited our site. With our free shipping and dedication to meet your high expectations for service we look forward to supplying you with your product.
Make no mistake, the Browning Maxus Led Headlamp is all you need to turn your darkest hour into a bright and enjoyable experience.